• Pipe Lining & Patch Repair

  • We have the capacity to install liners for pipes that are 3" to 8" in diameter. These liners can be used in sewer laterals, drain lines, and downspouts. Using this technology, we service both commercial and residential installations.

    • Reduces the potential for damages to other underground utilities associated with dig and replace methods.
    • Repairs damaged lateral service pipelines and restores structural capacity without extensive excavation or replacement.
    • Eliminates street excavation, paving and concrete repair costs, and traffic control.
    Re-Lining System can:
    1. Restore cracked pipe
    2. Eliminate root intrusion
    3. Close holes in pipe walls
    4. Seal open joints
    5. Bridge missing pipe
      6. Prevent ex-filtration
      7. Lower overall costs
      8. Re-line up to 5 Laterals a day
      9. Re-liner 22's, 45's & sweeping 90's
    10. Pays for it's self in 30 days