• High Pressure Water Jetting

  • High Pressure Water Jetting is and environmentally safe and efficient way to clean sewer and drain lines.  Using specially designed nozzles with the right water pressure and gallons per minute can remove scale, roots and clean your lines more effectively.
    High pressure jetting is using streams of high pressure water to clean, cut, and remove debris.  The nozzle has small precision machined orifices that restrict the water flow, thus creating high pressure build up in the hose. Water shoots out of these orifices, and converts from pressure to velocity, and it is the speed of the water combined with the volume that does the work. The angle of the jets in the nozzle create the forward propulsion to take the nozzle up the pipe. Forward facing jets will clear and cut through debris, while rear facing jets flush debris back and propel the nozzle through the pipe. Rotating nozzles create a 360 degree cleaning action which is ideal for grease and root removal.