• Drain Cleaning

  • In the photo above what you see is an automobile tire wedged tightly into a storm drainage line at a local Mall.  We were able to get this tire out of the line and have the line flowing clearly before a major rain storm hit the area.

     This is just one of the many type of drains we are capable of cleaning, along with roof drains, catch basins and surface drains.

    • Main Sewers
    • TV Pipeline Inspection
    • Kitchen Sinks
    • Lavatories
    • Bath Tubs
    • Laundry Drains
    • Floor Drains
    • Showers

    Have problems with roots in your drains?

    Looking for Septic system additives?

    Leach field not Leaching?

    Televise Line   see picture
    View drain lines from 3" - 8" pipe
    Video Tape
    Video tape the drain lines as they are being televised.
    High pressure water jetting drain lines up to 24" diameter.
    Pipe Locators
    Before you dig to repair we can locate the area and depth.
    Smoke Testing  see picture
    Have an odor problem and can't find it source......
    Grease Trap maintenance systems
    Automatic systems dispense grease digesting bacteria